Control Pins and Spouts

FUSiO2N™ SA from RMG is the ideal material for control pins and spouts for rolling ingot and billet casting operations. Its extremely fine-grained, sintered composition of high purity fused silica provides both outstanding wear properties and excellent thermal shock resistance. Special non-wetting properties plus a factory coating of BN, prevent metal sticking and attack by aluminium and other molten metals.

The lower thermal mass and conductivity minimize the chance of freeze-ups during the start or at low metal flow rates. RMG’s special FUSi02N™ SA process allows to offer this outstanding performance at a very reasonable costs.



Properties Features
Low coefficient of thermal expansion Excellent thermal shock resistance and dimensional stability.
Low thermal mass and conductivity Thermal insulation, minimizes temperature loss.
Chemical inertness Long life, corrosion resistance.
High hardness Long life, wear resistance.
Unique cast technology Cost effective, complex shape capability.
Fine grain structure High strength.